Core Techniques Seminar

The last three years have been difficult ones due to restrictions on martial arts clubs across the country. The Canadian Jiu-Jitsu Council is finally able to offer its first technical seminar under the tutelage of its Directors. [...]

Membership Fee

CANADIAN JIU-JITSU COUNCIL MEMBERSHIP FEE Due First of January each year Please pay cash to Sensei Dan Youth $10.00 Adults 16 plus $25.00 Black Belts $40.00

Bio Mechanics Simplified

The Little Black Book On Bio-Mechanics Simplified In Jiu-Jitsu we are taught countless techniques, along with the physical prowess to execute these techniques. Both subjects require the definitive science application of bio-mechanics necessary to develop [...]

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of athlete and achive your fitness goals



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